The New Liberal Vision of Freedom

FrihetAs their classic forebearers, new liberals do not seek to takeover any government. They ignore government. They only want to be left alone by government, and secede from its jurisdiction to organize their own protection.

Unlike their predecessors who merely sought to replace a larger government with a smaller one, however, new lberals pursue the logic of secession to its end. They propose unlimited secession, i.e., the unrestricted proliferation of independent free terriories, until the state’s rage of jurisdiction finally withers away.

To this end – and in complete contrast to the statist projects of ”European Integration” and a ”New World Order” – they promote the vision of a world of tens of thousands of free countries, regions, and cantons, of hundreds of thousands of  independent free cities – such as the present-day oddites of Monaco, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, (formerly) Hong Kong, and Singapore – and even more numerous free districs and neighborhoods, economically integrated through free trade (the smaller the territory, the greater the economic pressure of opting for free trade!) and an international gold-commodity money standard.

If and when this alternative liberal vision gains prominence in public opinion, the end of the social democratic ”End of History” will give rise to a liberal renaissance.

– Hans-Hermann Hoppe, Democracy – The God That Failed, 2001.


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